Skywarn in Connecticut

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Many people don't think Connecticut as a state that has severe weather or tornadoes. In fact, Connecticut does get it share of bad weather. Lying between the Appalacion Mountains to the west, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east, Connecticut is a prime spot to observe severe weather. The severe weather that occurs here is not as severe as the weather that they get in the Great Plains, but we do see our share of tornadoes and severe thunderstorms. Any storm in the summertime can produce severe weather or a tornado. Though we do need to have just the right atmospheric setup for it to occur. That is why skywarn in Connecticut is so important because without it a tornado could ripe through the state and nobody would be aware of the situation. In order to help you see where severe weather is occuring there are satellite images, radar images, and maps to show where severe weather.

Satellite Images

Radar Images

Other Means of Getting Severe Weather Information